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!ke means ‘diverse
people unite’ in the
ancient language of
Khoisan and is inscribed on the
South African coat of arms.
  The world owes the San people the knowledge of the indigenous Western Cape Fynbos flora and the wisdom
behind its different uses - a knowledge
which the San brought to the attention
of early European settlers.
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All Things Natural - Home of !ke Cape Fynbos Oils
Cape Town, South Africa

!Ke is a pure, unadulterated fragrance of four different Fynbos oils - two of which have medicinal properties. The other two are frequently used in aromatherapy - an alternative form of natural healing, relating more to physiological benefits.
WHEN PHYSICAL OR EMOTIONAL ILLNESS afflicts a person, the Sangomas of Africa (natural and divine healers) believe that a universally controlled powerlink within that person is disrupted. To restore the flow of harmony a Sangoma may apply many remedies, medical or magical. among the most important medical remedies are the numerous African medicinal plants.

THE WESTERN CAPE PROVINCE is the world's richest area of different indigenous plants and is fast gaining world recognition for its unique plant oils which are used both for health and sensory enjoyment.

FYNBOS is the collective name of the indigenous Cape Heathland vegetation to which approximately 9000 species belong. Many of them appeared illustrated in herbal publications in Europe already in the 16th and 17th centuries from the travels of the great explorers. The natives of the Western Cape, the Bushmen, and their younger relatives, the Khoisan, were hunter-gatherers and had a wonderful knowledge of the various usages of the plants which they passed on to the European settlers.

In 1821, for example, the magnificent BUCHU was included in the Pharmacopoeia as a urinary tract antiseptic. Today a few dedicated Western Cape farmers and biochemists are perfecting the art of extracting precious oils from a variety of Fynbos to the benefit of present and future generations.

MAGNESIUM is one of the most needed minerals in the body and is easily absorbed through the skin. In the form of sulphate (Epsom Salt), when added to the bathwater, it is both nourishing as well as relaxing. Recommended by Dr Atkins in his book 'Vita-Nutrient Solution'.

Produced by All Things Natural
Cape Town, South Africa
phone: +27 (0)82 921 4598
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